Permanently Temporarily Solar Powered

Photo credit: mine, sunrise, desert sunrise, unflitered, near Shahania, Qatar

Photo credit: mine, sunrise, desert sunrise, unflitered, near Shahania, Qatar

Hey you

Living forever

We’re all so


And you think

Without a thought

For years

You’ll never die

Until one by one

“They” start to

Even as

Their shadows

Play sonatas

On your strung up

Violin heart

Haunt your

Electric memories

Entranced daydreams

Lucid showers

Liquid mass transits

All. your. dreams

Even as

Their laughter

Drifts in from,


Your life


The past tense

But the same green lights

Same city corners

The same crossed streets

Are not the same

They’re not

Beside you

Even if you know

You keep shoving it out


You work and work

Strike up conversations

Binge on a series

Zone out to music

Pray and chant

Say you do it for them

Because they would want to

Not because you

Necessarily do

So then you

Get fit and let go

Apologize and regret it

Run away

Climb a mountain

Sit in a cave

Confess to the tides

Feel holy



Run and spacejam

Eat and talk

To keep it from your mind

How temporary

And fleeting

This lifetime is

How mysterious

Its expiration date

Yet you know

You do

It’s as clear

As the sunrise

Before your eyes

Every day


One day

Like a birthday

Denial drops away

And everything shifts

Everything counts

My friends

This is not a rehearsal

Everything counts

Not for them


For you

Poetry/Prose, Sugar Free

Sometimes (The Spiral Stairwell)

What I have come to know about life is that it’s like a stairwell

You grow to understand, you climb it alone

Sometimes it smells like roses, is lined with velvet

Sometimes memories hang on its walls

Haunting you

Delighting you

Teasing your obsession

Sometimes all you want

Is to keep looking up

At that point

Where it turns

The invisible beyond

You see out the windows

Shout to the psychics

Tarot cards flutter in the air

Their colorful, suggestive pictures

Whisper and hint

You will never be sure

Sometimes it’s musty

Or so sophisticated


Like Handel

And a book

And some tea

At times it’s alienating

Like the private schoolyard

And your poverty

When it’s warm

For a moment

You can’t remember


Before again

It’s raining

It’s a rainbow

It’s freezing

And all you can do

Is smell the cold

Feel the Jack Frost mirage

Grab your mind

Point your eyes

To your crying toes

Sometimes it will feel

Like a warm embrace

From a long-lost friend

From many lives

The wells divide again

And it will feel

Like the indifference

Of a 1.5 year lover

Deciding on a seeming dime

He didn’t love you

And by the way

He never really did

Or, more importantly

Like a breathtaking gesture

Of a friend

Who drops thousands of dollars

And a weekend

To help you

Without your asking

This place offers you ecstasy

In its many forms

That never last

This place will feel

Like contractions

Pushing you through


You didn’t know

You could survive

And we all know it

It can be to some, sometimes

So fucking cruel

The walls

Pock marked with bullet holes

Spattered with blood

Pieces of bone

Soft, spongy white hints of brain tissue

Sometimes it’s slippery

You fall, break yourself

Are forced

To slow down

Remember your feet

Reframe your journey

Sometimes it’s on fire

You have to drop everything

Run for your life

Sometimes it feels

Like you are falling down

Moving backward

Sometimes you think

It will always be this way

But it will never be, always

It will always be sometimes