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Watch This; Everything is Changing

This video, while a cartoon and an advertisement, transcends both of these categories completely to become a precise analogy of change.

The girl is attached to her phone, just as we can be attached to anything in this world. Suddenly, and shockingly, she is eaten by an adorable (yet terrifying in its indifference) panda, which represents transience.

When she enters the world consumed by transience, she is still for a time attached to her phone as the only thing representing permanence.

The world of transience we are made to see is glorious in its epic proportions and fluidity!

Still, the girl wants contact with predictability as she floats and flies.

When she finally does find her phone, she is overjoyed, but you can almost see a tug of war has begun inside her.

Her joy is a reaction, a program. This program lives within each of us–the natural desire for structure, permanence.

And yet, everything is changing, slowly or quickly; it is!

The moment she waves goodbye to her tiny, whimsical pixie friend, you can see she has begun to lose an innocence about what is truly enjoyable and what is not.

Is it so enjoyable to go back to the world of friends and her phone?

Or has she begun to realize that not knowing what is happening next is a delight as well?

And when she returns, we are also returned to the reality that the ride is over.

A bit of bamboo and some snapshots reminds us though, that impermanence is a permanent aspect of our lives.

It is just beneath the surface.

When it gobbles us up at times, what better way to go than to embrace it?