Great Glass Walls

Image credit: Mine, Beijing 2010

Image credit: Mine, Beijing 2010

Dear Anonymous,

I tried to write a note to you today but when I was about to send it, I thought of all the synapses that would fire in your brain and cause you to respond in the way that you would, because you think the things that you naturally do.

And I wondered in that moment, how many people I have loved had wanted to write to me but couldn’t because they knew the same …

… that some strange volition within me would take the purity of their words and feed an ego that just couldn’t know better at that time.

How many?

I wanted to tell you so many details. Things that would get lost on the way to your deeper wisdom. I have tried this before. I know. They will.

So now I will send you nothing at all–something more pure than the ego can touch. Something so subtle it overwhelms the world. Something that will never be said but somehow be known until the moment before we die or almost do–what is real, what is true.

There is no me. And there is no you.


Permanently Temporarily Solar Powered

Photo credit: mine, sunrise, desert sunrise, unflitered, near Shahania, Qatar

Photo credit: mine, sunrise, desert sunrise, unflitered, near Shahania, Qatar

Hey you

Living forever

We’re all so


And you think

Without a thought

For years

You’ll never die

Until one by one

“They” start to

Even as

Their shadows

Play sonatas

On your strung up

Violin heart

Haunt your

Electric memories

Entranced daydreams

Lucid showers

Liquid mass transits

All. your. dreams

Even as

Their laughter

Drifts in from,


Your life


The past tense

But the same green lights

Same city corners

The same crossed streets

Are not the same

They’re not

Beside you

Even if you know

You keep shoving it out


You work and work

Strike up conversations

Binge on a series

Zone out to music

Pray and chant

Say you do it for them

Because they would want to

Not because you

Necessarily do

So then you

Get fit and let go

Apologize and regret it

Run away

Climb a mountain

Sit in a cave

Confess to the tides

Feel holy



Run and spacejam

Eat and talk

To keep it from your mind

How temporary

And fleeting

This lifetime is

How mysterious

Its expiration date

Yet you know

You do

It’s as clear

As the sunrise

Before your eyes

Every day


One day

Like a birthday

Denial drops away

And everything shifts

Everything counts

My friends

This is not a rehearsal

Everything counts

Not for them


For you


Now, Decide

photo credit: mine

photo credit: mine

Right now is a live wire.

You may think only something (maybe boring, maybe not, but limited by what you are exposed to) is happening.

When really everything is, now.

From the outside to sit still may seem pointless–but it is in doing this that we boil ourselves down to nothing and feel everything at once.

A massive speck, sitting there.

You might be in a little room with just yourself yet you know a whale is traversing the sea, a baby is being born, someone is digging through garbage, a businessman is clinking a glass over a million-dollar deal and you sit there and just know.

And on and on and on.

It’s electric, and you have so many options, how to perceive, right now.


Phalaenopsis’ Song


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Photo/art credit–mine


I know what you feel

More than you


The crushing weight

Of watching you fly

In denial’s wind

Nothing to hold

Here in “me”

In another life

I was once a bee

Smelling perfection

In lover’s projection

Intense grief

The Earth turned her face

Smiled at me

I bowed to witness

Her holy game

Driving each one of us, deeper

Oh nature

When you fall for me

We both die

To who we once were

Six feet under

Reaching roots

My heart

My deepest love

All that I am

From the deep I beg:

Turn away from me

Rule the air around you

These man’s world winds

Only gust more

Never caring

As much as you

Find a flower


Find a shelter


The validity

Earth’s fruits

Your banquet since birth

Dearest one

Projections never nourish

Embrace the one

Feeding you

Laughing at your doubts

Easing your mind


We are together


Needing what we know

Knowing what we feel

But sometimes

I can feel what you feel

More than you

When I am the orchid

And you are the bee

Now disappearing

To your confused flight

Only from a distance

You will see who I was

A projection

Your deepest longings

Alive in a mirror

Never one to love

More than yourself

I hold anyone truly


On sacred command


Trapped in their longing

Camouflaged pain

Fertilizes my life

Now, now

If anything were spoken

From the deepest Earth

All the root-feeding death

I tell you surely


The self

I’ve known so many times

Through such sacred deception

That lured my deepest love

Back to my own heart



Dug up from a recent visit home.


Einstein’s Alter Ego (circa 1999)


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The Mask (concept circa 1999/completed July 2012)