The Holy Cow

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 3.18.40 PMOh holy cow

No more questions

Am old enough

To turn around

To see

The sacred pattern

Sure of itself

So much more

And nothing more

Than me and you

All that you have lived

Through all I have been

My existence

In every tense

Is what you longed to see

What would happen?

You never asked

If I became

So now I can only open

Every morning of my life

As you flood my eyes

Punctuate my dreams

With the actions

That I am


For what you aim to know

What you aim to see

What you wish to be

Oh holy cow

So many reasons

So many seasons

So many toys

My mind plays

Tiny games

It is true

And meaningless

In the moments

I have never arranged

The cells of my body

The truth

The causes

The effects

This beautiful work

In my soul’s wake


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