Sugar Free

Everybody’s Got One

 Image courtesy: (edited)

Image courtesy: (edited)

Nobody died
Nobody won
Nobody lost

Everybody’s got it
The third-degree


Walk away

Got all this wasta
Know all these people
You really could
And should?

Talk about all these things
Pull all these strings

Play god, over and over
Like peanut butter’s
Lover hits
The toast of the town

Make ’em hurt
Never as much as you did
But close enough

To open your eyes
Press your nose to the mirror

The tootbrush dangles
Sweet foam flows
Through your squeezing teeth

Over your curling lips
You ask yourself

As God as your witness

Is that class?
Really, come on now
Is it?

Remember Star Wars?

Even when you were a kid?
Didn’t it make sense?
Make you want to go out
Run across the yard
And fly?

Where did that part of you go?

That part that knew
The light saber
The messages
All of it

The truth

Splash water on your face
And whisper into the towel

“Nah, nah, that aint me …”

As you step aside
Power runs down your thighs
Up your spine
Back down
Taps your bum
Settles right down
To your sure feet

You’re finished thinking
Barely noticing

That feeling that you could
But won’t
That you have every right

But always have loved
The light side


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