The New Worlds

Image credit: Orbit Runway by ANTIFAN-REAL (Gary Tonge)

Image credit: Orbit Runway by ANTIFAN-REAL (Gary Tonge)

We all build bridges

Between the worlds we meet



More than others

Stand firm

On soil of their knowing

Their life

Their history

Their world

Their solid state machismo (?)

Overdriving their hills and valleys

Yawning at sunrises and sunsets

The bridges–secondary concerns


Wise build bridges to last

Their world’s lifeline


Some living otherwise

Build bridges

Only to race the rockets

Between their legs


People make bets

Get high

Take money

Use and use and use

What a … thrill?

Those bridges crumble

Shrug their shoulders


Turn a few degrees

Spy another world

Hit replay

Mock the inevitable rejection


No contracts

For the insincere


My friend:

Worlds don’t touch

Without a bridge

What’s the point?

If it doesn’t last


Sincere …

We are not crazy

Except to the insincere

Who label us readily

When we’re forced to cry out


“Look here!”

“What beautiful, palpable architecture!”

“Feel here!”

“What connects,


our hearts!”

The urgency builds

The race of everyone

Hypnotized by shiny machismo


They lasso their hearts

To objects


Fleeting pleasures

That evade their grasp

A little more

With every passing day


Whoever they are

Takes off their hardhat

Scratches their head

One last time


Packed overnight bags

And redeyes

Back home

Just after

They turn their gaze

For an instant

To what will sadly be

Future entertainment


They’ll get old soon

Everyone does

And their kingdom will be

Of rickety, rope structures

Slung between

The spreading legs

Lifting rockets

That always land


In double cocktails

Pure powders

Of cheaper yet more expensive


Too proud and old to think:


Was any of it rope or rock?

One always finds out

Better sooner

First dates hold the blueprints

In their fickle hands


Anyway, either way:

Who’s going to stop them?


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