What’s the Matter, Superstar?

Oh little-big boys

I finally get it

That’s what draws me

More than anything

Your effect

On my imagination

You make me see

It’s good

Not to matter

To someone who matters

Once in a while

Your indifference

Pushes me down

And the question rises

So we meet in the middle

Egg and sperm

The sweet supernova

Before the zygote

It breakdances in front of me

Grabs me by the collar

Pulls my hair

Aw come on

Give me a break!

Aren’t I down enough?

It gets pissed off

Slaps me across the face

For the love of my life

I open my eyes

Look around

So what!

I don’t matter to you

But do I matter to myself

Thanks for the reminder

Zeus and Co.

Another star in the sky

Somehow it just grows louder

And louder

Like my cries must have

On the first days of my life


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