Poetry/Prose, Sugar Free, Yoga & Spiritual

The Blue Star

Image credit: Iribel on Deviantart.com--"Center of the Universe"/Extensive filters/editing: mine

Image credit: Iribel on Deviantart.com–“Center of the Universe”/Extensive filters/editing: mine


All the chances

Body languages


Your mother tongue

Oh animal


Before I change my mind

Another time

You wait



Ducking low

You watch my silly movie

Walking softly, nimbly


Through tall grass

You see everything I am

I can only smell you

Very close


My mind runs

Yours salivates

Lurching forward


The chase delights us

Makes us laugh

Say hmmmmm

Say anything

Say everything

Just right


You move in

Velvet piston legs

Push your hot breath

Into my living neck


Its perfect form


A fragile freeway

Of vessels designed to bleed

All the bits of stars

Back to Earth


You feast on my guts

My eyes point to the distance

They’re still glistening

Feeling everything


There is no word

For the opposite of pain

The mind has no business



Edges of Earth

All shaved and paved

We fly away


But I always turn around

Look back

To see

More than you


A burial ground

The buzzards play

My love for them

Eating bits of bone

Flying me away

To my next life


I no longer care

If you ever see

If you ever know

What I do

What I give

And what I get


It is enough

That I give it all

To show you


That some animals

Are more than animals


I visit that place when I want

When it wants me

When it needs us

To die


I go where we go

And leave it behind


Stardust never settles


Never forget

You are

I am



And humans know themselves

Can die to themselves

Rise again and again


I only see you when I feel like it

When you feel like it

And lately, we  just happen to

Lately, we just happen to


Every time you think I’m dead

I’m human

I’m watching you

And I know you’re watching me


When memories come

Running through the bush

I watch them close

Find their patterns

Chase them down

Admire them deeply

Aim assured

Shoot them all, dead


Crumple what we said

On paper

Under some twigs

Haul in a log

Start the fire

Burn everything

Into the light

That dots the sky


It’s a succulent feast!

That feeds my growing bones

Stronger than before

In every new place

We found together

To break


What is over

Never ends

To me


And one day, darling, I will say

What stars don’t need to

And won’t


Did you ever dream to see

How lucky we said I am

Become so pitifully odd

To recall

When you know

And feel a hunger

That might never end




How lucky you are

To hold stardust in your hands









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