Poetry/Prose, Sugar Free

Modern Medicine

Image credit: mine--from Dali's jewelry gallery, Figueres, Spain

Image credit: mine–from Dali’s jewelry gallery, Figueres, Spain

You have an oral fixation

A what?

An oral fixation

What does that even mean?

It means you like to put things in your mouth

Doesn’t everyone?

But you do, a lot more


That’s something I heard smokers do


Yes, but they admit it

Advertise it

Joke about it


I like to eat

But I don’t overeat

I like to drink tea

But only in the morning

Listen, are you sure?


This file says

When you were a baby

You ate a plant

A leaf rather

Let’s see, yes …

Off a rubber tree

You couldn’t resist

Its deep, green succulence

Your mother, a saint

Called poison control


It’s all in your records


You also ate your dad’s cigars

Chewed on them a good while

Before he discovered you there

Digging in a small box

Looking up as he towered over you

Muffling laughter, reaching down

Picking you up


You ate just about anything

Then you stopped

But the fixation did not


From what I observe

You hide it

Deny it

Occasionally celebrate it

Raise awareness around it


For you

For others

Who share the condition


That’s all I’m saying

It’s what I’m scribbling

On this notepad

It’s your condition




So what’s the diagnosis?


You’re going to live

As long as this life lets you


Main thing is that you know

You can take a look around

Practice discrimination

Try not to eat poisonous things


How do I know the difference?


Listen, try your best

We do have a drug for this

But they haven’t paid me enough

To spend time now on that


I’d rather you come back

See me again

Tell me how it’s all going





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