Dear Grandma

Image/editing credit: mine (Beijing street market, 2010)

Image/editing credit: mine (Beijing street market, 2010)

I’ve been traveling and having many experiences.

Of course I have spent time with men, but lately I am more interested in you and people very close to my heart.

I have visited South Asia, Europe, Central America, China, India and Nepal.

Now I live in the Middle East in fact.

People are so fascinating the world over, Grandma.

Not just the way they think but how society reflects this and, more deeply, how nature informs it.

Our thoughts, our way.

We are all human, but in these different habitats we have developed different natures, and it’s stunning.

Now, with globalization, nature is confronted by money.

Man (absent feminine impulse) uses money and industry to try to triumph over nature.

Everywhere starts to seem homogenous, but we cannot be fooled out of our natures.

And as we try to mix and mingle, we run into these edges of ourselves, challenging them in one another.

It’s so interesting, Grandma.

Sometimes I wish you could see all that I have so that I could talk with you about it in detail.

I know you would understand.


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