Who the F*#@ Says


•Your granted wish will instantly charm you when it comes

•A life without challenge and mystery would feel great

•People who care deeply smile the most

•The words “I love you” are objective

•People are aware of their deepest motivations

•You can’t love your parents like you wish they’d love you

•Your deepest fears are best avoided

•Humans are the most intelligent species on Earth

•You are the same person now that you will be in a year

•Love is easy

•Suffering is fairly distributed

•Life wants you to make sense of it

•What you think you want will make you happy

•Good planning trumps a gut instinct

•A PhD guarantees intelligence

•Being happy is naive, or easy, or automatic

•Kindness is weakness

•Being cold is cool

•Ants don’t feel love

•Her figure didn’t take sacrifice

•An emasculated female is a favorable result of feminism

•Our ego wants the best for us

•What is a compliment to you is not insulting someone else

•The music is good

•A smile is innocent

•Angels don’t direct the cat

•Your thoughts don’t count




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