The Brink

"Planets" by Ibrahimabutouq

“Planets” by Ibrahimabutouq

She plucked Earth

Tween thumb and forefinger

A spec of dust

I turned in my bed

Eyes closed

I saw her

Or was I her?

Is that you? Who?

And if what, when?

And if how, why?

She’s no match

Nor am I

And we did

He grabbed her wrist

Earth flew from her hand

Spun off

Knocked right into Saturn

(Saw it on the news

Not a fortnight ago)

You don’t need a phone

To tell me

We’re all scared shitless


Tune in and get over it

Mars lingers, annoyed

A baby crawls to Venus

Squeezes it in pudgy palm

Throws it with a swat

Knocking Jupiter

Alarm sounds

Physics’ reign

Terribly ordered

One size, small


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